AI Literacy - Staff Training

Staff Training on AI Literacy

Primary school pupils looking at a tablet, in a classroom

Artificial Intelligence is evolving at an astonishing rate and receiving a lot of attention. Remarkable results appear possible but we should be judging for ourselves which applications of AI are sensible versus those which should be avoided. AI Literacy involves hearing a balanced view of AI's benefits and limitations, so that we become informed future users.

This interactive, entertaining and hype-free workshop is aimed at any member of staff who wants to understand what AI is, how it makes decisions and why it makes mistakes. We discuss emerging ethical issues and how humans will best harness AI in the future. Participants will discover the questions they need to ask when evaluating any AI product and come away with a wealth of examples, both current and future, they can use in the classroom.

All staff can participate fully since this workshop requires no prior knowledge of AI, nor any computing experience. The exact content will depend on the available time.

Session activities

The workshop features live activities which allow you to create and use AI in a matter of minutes. These illustrate key concepts and issues of all AI systems, making them ideal hands-on introductions to the subject. All the equipment is provided and we don't even need an internet connection.

Screenshot of examples images for Water bottle and Pens in a Machine Learning system
Machine Learning Demo

Machine Learning (ML) is a common type of AI which underpins many applications. See how ML actually 'learns' as you train it to recognise different objects, without needing to program anything. Understand how your choice of training data affect's AI's performance and how it follows your instructions literally, leading to potential errors.

AI generated photo of a cat wearing sunglasses, sitting in a deckchair
Generative AI

Explore a text-to-image generator and learn how these impressive systems are trained. See some of the pitfalls of Generative AI, such as hallucinations and bias.

We discuss identifying AI-generated content and whether there are any limits on how Generative AI can evolve.

A mesh overlaid on a face showing the connections between facial landmarks
Emotional Intelligence

Learn how AI can detect emotions and whether it can show true emotional intelligence. This leads on to discussions about other characteristics of human intelligence that AI may struggle to match.

View inside a Tesla self-driving car
Applications of AI

We showcase a range of real applications of AI some of which will be familiar but others which will surprise you. You can use these in your classroom to illustrate and discuss AI's impact.


Raspberry Pi miniature computer, camera and tablet

All equipment is provided and no school IT equipment or network access is required, apart from a screen or projector to which we connect our laptop.

Participants use a tablet and a battery-powered Raspberry Pi mini computer, with a webcam attached, to try the live activities.

None of the equipment has any internet access. The images captured during the workshop do not leave the room and are all deleted at the end of the workshop.

Session format

The format is very flexible, however typically a session lasts 60 minutes for up to 40 people.

None of the activities require any coding.

The workshop can be run in any classroom or hall with tables and does not need to be where school computers are situated.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Safety and privacy

Information about safeguarding, safety measures and data privacy can be found on our Safety page.


  • From £150 for a 60 minute session

We do not charge VAT on these prices. Our timings are flexible so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Currently we are only able to visit schools in and around London but hope to reach more areas in future.

How to book

Please contact us to make a booking.