AI Workshops

People in an informal business meeting, with coffee and laptop
Staff Training
  • Inotrduction to AI
  • Benefits and Limitations
  • Ethical issues
  • The future with AI
Young primary school pupils using tablets in a classroom
KS2 - Intro to AI
  • Activities for Year 4+
  • No prior knowledge needed
  • Object recognition
  • Generative AI
Primary school pupils sitting around a tablet in a classroom
KS2 - Further AI
  • Edge detection in computer vision
  • Improving AI's accuracy
  • Bias in training data
  • Spotting AI-generated content
Secondary school pupils using tablets in a classrooom
KS3 - Intro to AI
  • Object Recognition with Machine Learning
  • No prior knowledge needed
  • Text-to-Image Generative AI
  • Bias from training data
Older secondary school pupils sitting around a laptop in a library
KS3 - Further AI
  • Facial recognition
  • Maths and ethics of recognising faces in crowds
  • Facial expression analysis
  • Applications of emotion detection