AI Literacy Workshops

Unique activities at your school for KS2/KS3 students and all staff

Learn how AI works
Investigate its strengths and weaknesses
Question how it should and should not be used
Age-appropriate, safe and great fun!

Girl smiling, holding a tablet in a classroom

Inspiring, entertaining and educational.

No coding required

Create and use real AI without doing any coding. The activities are accessible to everyone and require no prior knowledge.

We provide the equipment

We bring all the computing equipment on the day, which allows us to use any classroom or hall. You don't need to worry about reserving your school's IT equipment.

Team working

Pupils work in small teams on all the activities, helping each other to solve problems. A fun competitive element adds to the excitement.

Safe learning environment

Our activities are designed to protect pupil privacy and do not use the internet. We do not require school Wi-Fi and our own equipment is fully locked-down.

98% of pupils learnt something new and enjoyed the workshop